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Why It's Important To Get A Well Woman Exam Every Year

03.26.24 in Lifestyle

Why It’s Important To Get A Well Woman Exam Every Year

Why It's Important To Get A Well Woman Exam Every Year

Regardless of your stage; post menopausal or in your twenties, it’s important to get a well woman exam every year throughout these stages. Not only does it help you to catch health issues early on, but also it’s a great way to confirm that you are healthy. Besides, it’s covered by most insurance.

Why You Should Get A Well Woman Exam Every Year

You should consider an annual exam as a sort of checkup tool. In addition to building a relationship with your doctor, you can discuss uncomfortable topics like your sexual health. Women are notorious for caring for others, but it’s crucial for you to also care for yourself. So, get on board, schedule and go your your annual well woman exam.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important get a well woman exam every year:

01. Your Medical History

Your doctor needs to create a base point for your medical history in the event that you start having health problems. If your doctor knows your medical history, it makes it easier for hime/her to recommend the right preventative care and diagnostic tests.

02. Preventative Care

During each of your yearly well woman exams, your doctor accesses your current health compared to your last visit. What has changed with your body or health, and what you may need at that stage of your life.

For example, depending on your age, an HPV test may be administered, discussion of pregnancy plans, mammogram, or Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer.

03. Reproductive Plans

If you’re planning to become pregnant, lifestyle changes will be recommended as well as birth control options. So, this is an important part of a well woman exam.

Regardless of your age, Riverwalk OB/GYN is there to counsel you for all sexual, physical, and emotional issues you may experience throughout your life.

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