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Planning For Pregnancy

10.12.23 in Pregnancy

Planning For Pregnancy

Planning For Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy means making decisions with your partner about your family, as well as thinking about what it means to have a new addition to the family. If you plan your pregnancy, you are more apt to seek healthy options before becoming pregnant. And get prenatal care during pregnancy.

It’s not only wise to consider how many children you want to have, but also when you want to have them. But until then, using birth control is a smart option until you’re ready to start a family.

Why Planning For Pregnancy Is Important

In the United States, more than half of all pregnancies are unplanned, which means women are not really ready for it. On the other hand, planning for pregnancy gives you many options for a healthy baby. For instance, if you’re planning to have a baby, you can get early and regular prenatal care during pregnancy. Having such options are invaluable for your health and your baby.

Planning your pregnancy means asking yourself questions. For example, how many children do you want? How far apart do you want to have them, and how can you get healthy before pregnancy? The good news is that there are no right or wrong answers. In fact, as you get older, your answers may change.

Plus, being a parent is a life changing experience. For this reason, talk to your partner to make sure you are both ready for your lives to be different.

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Although some of us are devoted procrastinators, others are the extreme opposite. Obviously, that’s a good thing when it comes to having a baby! Planning for pregnancy has numerous benefits for you, your baby, and your growing family.

Letting OBGYN know you are planning to get pregnant is a great first (or second) step. When you call us, let us know that you want a preconception appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss your medical conditions, and those in your family as that could affect your pregnancy.

n addition, you should be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Being current on vaccinations.
  • Your mental and emotional health.
  • Begin to take folic acid, starting now.
  • Any negative lifestyle behaviors.
  • Your current medications (prescription, over-the-counter, supplements) you take.

Have You Considered Your Lifestyle?

Alcohol is not the only type of drink that can cause problems during pregnancy. As such, consuming caffeine drinks in excess can increase the risk of miscarriage. Consequently, it’s best to keep your coffee intake to two small cups or one 12 oz cup.

Another vice that interferes with getting pregnant is smoking, so make this lifestyle change pronto. And we don’t have to mention illicit drugs, do we? Well, those of any kind are no can do and non-negotiable.

Have you been to the dentist lately? Did you know that there’s a link between premature labor and periodontal disease? So, get your gums and teeth checked now, as well as any other dental work you’ve been putting off before becoming pregnant.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Keep life in perspective by controlling your stress as best as you can. One of the things that can help reduce stress is getting enough sleep. And of course, those wonderful bubble baths, massage, music, and yoga.

Finding out that you’re pregnant won’t be a shocking experience, but rather happy words because you have been planning for pregnancy.

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