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Common Reasons For A C-Section

03.05.24 in Pregnancy

Common Reasons For A C-Section

Common Reasons For A C-Section

If you’re not ready to start a family, you may want to consider which contraceptive method is right for you. Birth control medication can be invaluable to avoid an unexpected pregnancy.

For those who are ready, there’s a lot of planning involved when deciding to start a family. You decide whether you want to know the baby’s gender, and furnish and organize the nursery. However, expecting parents usually don’t have to think about reasons for a C-section because it may not have been an issue.

In fact, it could be an emergency during labor and delivery, so planning for a C-section may be something you have no control over. With this in mind, here are some common reasons for a C-section.

What Is a Caesarean Birth?

30% of births in the United States are performed this way. Unfortunately, because it’s a surgical birth, it’s more risky than a vaginal birth. During the caesarean surgery, the doctor opens the mother’s stomach and uterus to deliver the baby.

If your doctor has discussed complications of delivering your baby ahead of time, you can plan to deliver your baby via C-section. Rather, the doctor will give his diagnosis due to medical reasons, and you can opt for this type of delivery.

You should keep in mind though, that a caesarean birth is not recommended for reasons other than medical due to higher risks of complications.

The Benefits of a C-Section

There are advantages of a caesarean birth, including the following:

  • Risk of the baby suffering trauma is lower than it is for the baby going through the birth canal.
  • There’s a decreased risk of the baby being deprived of oxygen during the delivery.
  • The risk of sexual dysfunction or incontinence is lower.
  • If a vaginal birth s dangerous for medical reasons, it’s a life-saving option.
  • There is no labor involved.
  • You will know the date well ahead of time so you can plan.

Medical Reasons For A C-Section

  Multiple Babies

Sometimes, a C-section may be best if twins or triplets are being born. A vaginal birth can slow down the birth process causing distress to mom and babies.

  To Reduce Birth Defects

If the baby has been diagnosed with a birth defect, your OBGYN will opt for a C-section to reduce any additional complications.

  A Stalled Labor

It becomes dangerous when labor is prolonged and no progress is made in movement of the baby through the birth canal.

  Baby Is In The Wrong Position

When the baby is “breech” or turned upside down with the feet closest to the birth canal, a C-section may be recommended. It is always best to have the baby’s head delivered first out of the birth canal.

  When The Mother’s Pelvis Is To Small

Cephalopelvic disproportion is when the mother’s pelvis is too small to accommodate the baby or the birth canal is too small for the baby’s head. In these cases, a C-section is performed.

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