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4 Reasons To Still See Your OB-GYN After Having Kids

03.12.24 in Gynecology

4 Reasons To Still See Your OB-GYN After Having Kids

4 Reasons To Still See Your OB-GYN After Having Kids

Moms tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. While that might work for a while, you also need to be healthy in order to care for your family and their needs. So, staying current with your own health is critical for their sake as well as yours. Given these points, there are many reasons why you should still see your OB-GYN after having kids.

Seeing An OB-GYN That You Can Trust

Every woman needs an OB-GYN they can trust. Female issues you had when you were young are likely to continue and you’ll need a specialist. Plus, as you age, there are additional health concerns that many women face.

As your children grow up, your body is changing as you enter midlife and later. As such, you should take preventative measures to catch any problems before they become more difficult to treat. Besides, you already know and trust this doctor.

But if that’s not enough, here are more reasons to still see your OB-GYN as you age after having kids.

More Reasons To Still See Your OB-GYN After Having Kids

01.Your Reproductive System Is Still Viable

Your reproductive organs are still in tact and need care, even if you don’t plan on having more children. And since you’re not having more children, things like C-sections aren’t a concern, but other health issues are.

So, continuing to see your Riverwalk Women’s Health OB-GYN is a crucial step to addressing common female issues. For example, endometriosis. Birth control, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infections, and your menstrual cycle.

And don’t forget about perimenopause and menopause systems. Our OB-GYNs can provide ways to manage systems in addition to specific treatments.

02.Well Woman Exams

Well woman exams help you stay in control of your health. Whether it’s high blood pressure or heart disease, you should stay in control of your health at every age. It’s also important to follow your doctor’s advice and screening recommended screening schedules.

Some of these include:

  • Mammograms starting at age 40 if you’re average risk
  • Bone density tests
  • Blood tests for cholesterol, diabetes, and any other abnormality
  • Pap smears and pelvic exams

03.To Discuss Uncomfortable Topics

Regardless how old your are, discussing uncomfortable can be difficult. But with a trusted source like your OB-GYN, those conversations are less awkward and become easier. Topics like sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, STDs, and bladder control are just a few of the topics you probably would rather not discuss. But your OB-GYN can make the conversations more seamless.

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