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What Are Safe Medications For Pregnant Women?

02.13.24 in Pregnancy

What Are Safe Medications For Pregnant Women?

What Are Safe Medications For Pregnant Women? | Riverwalk OBGYN San Antonio

Your growing child can be affected by whatever you put into your body while pregnant. So when you have common ailments such as allergy or headache, what are safe medications for pregnant women?

Be Attentive During The First Trimester

The first trimester is a critical time for the baby’s development. For this reason, it’s important to know about safe medications for pregnant women. Because certain medications are acceptable later in pregnancy, but not during the first trimester.

You can ask Riverwalk OBGYN about any prescription medications you were previously taking prior to becoming pregnant. And whether it’s safe to continue taking them. Our doctors will let you know if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Even though medications for asthma and high blood pressure are necessary, you should still check with your obstetrician. Since some antibiotics are safe while others are not, please ask Riverwalk OBGYN.

Safe Medications For Pregnant Women

While no medication is 100% safe during the first trimester, some over-the-counter medications are acceptable after the first trimester.

When taken as directed, the following over-the-counter medications are safe:

  • Headaches. Tylenol
  • Constipation. Metamucil Milk of Magnesia, Colace, Citrucel
  • Heartburn. Tums, Mylanta, Nasolox, Gaviscon
  • Colds and flu. Flonase, Tylenol and Tylenol cold, Vicks, Sudafed, Robitussin. Do not use sustained-release dosage forms or multiple symptom forms of these drugs.
  • Hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel, Preparation H, Anusol
  • Aid. Neosporin, Bacitracin
  • Allergies. Flonase, Allegra, Afrin spray, Benadryl, Neo Synephrine, Claritin, Tavist, Nasacort
  • Diarrhea. Parepectolin, Kaopectate

Medicines and Substances To Avoid

Certain OTC medications should be avoided as they increase the chances of birth defects. Particularly during the first trimester, Pepto Bismol, and decongestions like Pseudoephedrine or Phenylephrine should be avoided.

Alcohol, tobacco and all illegal drugs including marijuana are UNSAFE for your growing baby. They can cause low birth rate, stillbirth, birth defects, premature birth, as well as behavioral and developmental problems.

Prior to discovering you are pregnant, let Riverwalk OBGYN know if you have taken any of these substances, and if you were addicted to any of these drugs.

Request an Appointment at Riverwalk OBGYN in San Antonio

Book online or call (210) 402-6022 regarding any OTC or prescription medicine and whether they are safe for you and your baby.

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